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Do’s and Dont’s – [Professional Resume Building Part-2]

After Understanding About Different types of Resumes. Let’s See What are Some of Do’s and Don’ts you Should Follow while Writing Resume


  • Initiate your resume with your full name, photo, marital status, languages spoken and current contact details. Don’t include your passport no, father’s name and your home address.
  • Highlight your education: After the basic details, you should add your education and the degrees.
  • Most Recent Experience: Highlight your most recent experience on the top and include the rest below. Make sure to make it short and crisp to explain your responsibilities you handled. You can add a few bullet points which not necessarily need to be full sentences.
  • Read:  Failing to Proofread/Edit, Your vast and exceptional experience will be disregarded if you have grammatical or spelling mistakes in your resume. Make sure you go through the CV and cover letter before you send it to the prospective employer.
  • Immature Email Id: The email id you’ve posted on your resume should be professional, probably with your first and last name which is only to be used for job search and networking. Since your email Id is posted on the CV, make sure to check it regularly.
  • Don’t keep it too short or long: The ideal resume should be a maximum of 2 pages, don’t try to exaggerate and brag too much on the CV. Just put pointers explaining your experiences and stress on the important responsibilities. A cover letter gives you the opportunity to express yourself more; an employer can understand your strength and what you can bring on the table once you join the company.
  • Don’t Lie: Just to get the job, don’t lie on your experience and put fake company names on your resume. It will not lead you anywhere but you could be banned after your truth is revealed.
  • Don’t highlight the wrong information: Including your job experience of when you have worked 20 years ago, including your high school percentage, your school of grade 8, will only make bad judgment above you.
  • Accomplishment:  If you have received any professional awards or recognition, make sure you add it to your resume.
  • Weird Hobbies: People often include hobbies in their resume, mostly listening to music or playing sports. Make sure you add the hobbies that reflect


  • Make it Clean: An average recruiter spends just a few seconds to go through your CV. So keeping Resume simple and More eye Catching by Highlighting important things, rather than Highlighting all the Paragraphs. Another Way to keep Resume Clean and tidy is Use one colour Layout, rather than making Rainbow type Resume.
  • Typos & Grammatical Errors: It seems almost too easy, but these errors can really kill your prospects with a hiring manager.  It’s always advisable to read more than 2 times before submitting your resume.
  • Mass Mailing Your Resume: If you’re just simply blanketing job posting boards with your resume, it shows potential hiring managers that you’re not interested in the particular job they’re offering. If you’re not willing to read the job description and tailor your resume for the job, they think you don’t care enough about the job to do it, and they won’t think it’s worth their time to meet with you.
  • Ignoring Job Description Keywords: When You apply for the job, you should always make sure that, your resume is talking about fulfilling the job description mentioned by Employer. don’t use any kind or irrelevant keywords in your resume which are not applicable for the current job.

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